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Juggy is the mascot for Java Users and Java User Groups.

This is the home of Juggy, the Java Finch, the mascot for Java Users and Java User Groups around the world.

Juggy is a member of a strong and numerous family of Java users, and also a distant relative of Duke[tm] (a sign of kinship is the coloring of his head's plumage). Juggy is also in very good terms with a closer cousin, the penguin Tux, although he prefers flying and hot climates. Many Juggy's relatives are scatered around the world, in hundreds of Java User Groups.

Here, in Juggy's home, you can find many Juggy related resources:

Juggy is a Java Finch, and here is one of his relatives in the wild:

Java Finches are native of the Java Island in Indonesia, and are also know as Java Sparrows or Java Rice Birds. Although their impressive beaks look like they could do serious damage, they're in fact peaceful birds that go along well with other species, even ones that use different languages. Like the developers they represent, Java Finches usually fly and work in groups and are known to spread everywhere. Since they work quietly, you need a little patience to catch them singing. Here is a recording of the chirping sounds of the Java Finch that you might hear in the wild:

Do you have a Java Finch as a pet? Feel free to point us to some pictures and links. We might set up a small gallery of pictures of developers with their live Java Finches. And let us know what you think. We look forward to your feedback!

Juggy can be used by all JUGs!

The mascot Juggy, the Java Finch was created in 2005 by SouJava, the Java Users Society, a JUG in Brazil. It was then donated to all Java User Groups under a Creative Commons License, which allows you to use, distribute and modify the image, so that you can base your own JUG mascot on Juggy. The idea is to let all JUGs use Juggy and be creative on top of it, instead of deriving from a trademarked logo or mascot. If you need more details about how to use Juggy, follow the license link or send an e-mail to juggy at

Creative Commons License
Juggy, the Java Finch Mascot is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.
Thank you all that helped bring Juggy to life!

The JUGs Community would like to thank the following institutions and individuals: SouJava for the donation, Daniel Brookshier for naming the mascot, the many reviewers that helped in the process, including Fabiane Nardon (JavaTools Community), Frans Thamura (Java Indonesia), Marla Parker (, Eitan Suez (Austing JUG), Totto (JavaBin), many JUG leaders that discussed the mascot in the mailing list, and others that we unfortunately didn't keep track of.

SouJava would also like to thank Leonardo Galvao (SouJava) for the long discussions in order to come out with the mascot idea, Tarcisio Bannwart and Felipe Machado (pHDesign) for the wonderful work done, and the several members of SouJava involved, specially Fabio Velloso, Karina Souza, Flavia Coelho, Claudio Miranda, Edgar Silva, and Mauricio Leal. Bruno Souza would like to acknowledge Sergio Murilo (Banco do Brasil) for showing him his beautiful real Java Finches, way back in 1997, which seeded the whole process. All counted, this was a great group effort that we all hope you'll enjoy the results!

The Java Finch picture and chirping sounds were generously provided by Roy Beckham from, where you can learn a lot about how to care for your own Java Finch.

Take the Juggy home!

The JUGs community Bruno Souza, Totto, Eitan Suez

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